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Smoother minor and cosmetic bugs


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      • Writing the smoother data to the same MATLAB file as the Filter causes some overwriting of the forward filter data in the file (for example, the filter epochs get reversed). The smoother run should not overwrite any data from the forward filter run.
        • Just need to deconflict structure naming. One possible solution for combining the filter and smoother output in the same file - call the forward filter run structure Filter. Then the backward filter run (from the smoother) can be called BackwardFilter.
      • Maybe only generate the "*.backfilter" report file in DEBUG or VERBOSE output mode.
        • Alternatively, should the backfilter output be included in the same report file as the forward smoother output?
      • If the user specifies a non-zero PredictTimeSpan, the Smoother structure in the MATLAB file should include the states and covariances in the prediction span.
        • (Or maybe not, since these would be identical to those in the Filter structure...)
      • In the forward smoother output report, what should be reported as the SPACECRAFT INITIAL CONDITIONS? Right now it uses the final epoch of the EKF.
      • Smoother ephemeris file should be segmented at measurement times.
      • Filter.PredictTimeSpan does not work properly for the CCSDS-OEM format ephemeris. See John M email of 9/13 3:51 PM.
      • In the smoother output file, change the title of the residual report from FILTER MEASUREMENT RESIDUALS to SMOOTHER MEASUREMENT RESIDUALS.
      • In FORCE MODELING OPTIONS section of the Filter, Smoother, and Smoother.backfilter reports, Earth is listed under "Non - Central Bodies".

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