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Optimal Control Cleanup/Useablity Part II


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      === General

      • static analysis/memory checker
      • (WCS) Need defaults on optimizer settings.. If you don't set them, an exception is thrown. Additionally error messages for
        optimizer settings don't include the object name: "LowThrust Exception Thrown: Empty Iterations Limit" thePhase.MaxRelativeErrorTolerance = 1e-7 is a valid setting but is rejected and does not throw an specific error message just thePhase.MaxRelativeErrorTolerance = 1e-7
      • (WCS) SNOPT filename on Trajectory is hard coded "TestOutputDataFile.txt". Should use file manager with user defined function name.
      • (DJC) will move remaining PenUp/Down issue (XYPlot when solverIterations=All draws lines connected) to new ticket?
      • Patched conic launch test, when converges, should start at center of the Earth in OrbitView but does not start at the center of the Earth.
      • The message window font is proportional rather than fixed-width, causing formatting issues for the CSALT data that is printed during and after a run. Copying and pasting this text to a separate text editor shows what the formatting should actually look like.
      • [P1] (WCS) SPAD bugs

      === Validation/Save Issues

      • (WCS)When a trajectory does not have a GuessSource, there is a bad error message " Interpreter Exception: Nonexistent
        "" referenced in the Trajectory "traj". This should have a line number and not have empty parentheses.
        Also, I believe the guess source may not be required.
      • (WCS)If the user gives a control vector bounds array that has four elements, and the guess only has three controls, they get a crytic error messages
        about array being out of bounds. Need to clean up the error message.
      • (WCS) Errors in OCH files throw really bad errors. We need to throw useful error messages. write the line where the error was encountered.
        If the line needs more data, indicate how many data elements were expected. OCH files without DATA_STOP tag parse, they should throw an exception
      • Renaming does not work - RenameRefObject was added to DynamicsConfiguration but at least XyPlot and ReportFile show default 21545 value for A1ModJulian (accessing erroneous GmatState?) instead of correct values, though the correct values are Published

      === Fixed

      • [JJR]Nonsupported function type on OptimalControlFunction does not throw error.
      • [SPH]Fix the issue that requires having unused control variables for coast phases that results in Empty Column in Jacobian
      • [DJC]Crash after run is complete
      • (WCS) When saving a script with a Trajectory, there is an error reported and the script is not written: GmatBase Exception Thrown: Cannot get string parameter with ID 6: "AddBoundaryFunction" on Trajectory named "traj" I believe this is fixed WCS
      • (WCS) When saving a script with an EmtgInterface, this error is reported: Writing of "IntegerArray" type is not handled yet for object "emtgThrustModel" of type "EmtgInterface". * I believe this is fixed WCS
      • (WCS) Cost function lower bound seems to default to -99999.99 and 999999.99.
        It should be +Inf -Inf
      • (WCS) Scale mode on Trajectory should default to canonical and that should be the only allowed value for now
      • (WCS) Rename GmatGuess to OptimalControlGuess
      • (WCS) When a CSALT script is saved, ModJulian epochs on the phase do not load properly, e.g. **** ERROR **** Gregorian date "34508.50042863868" is not valid. in line:
        " 146: GMAT thePhase.EpochLowerBound = '34508.50042863868';"
      • (WCS) Saving the script named LISATransfer_SingleSat.script results in numerous parse errors
        • The Phase times won't parse because they are surrouned in quotes
        • The epoch format setting is output after the bounds, and so the bounds won't parse because they are not not in the default format
        • The collocate command line is not written out
      • (JJR) Missing ".Initial" on PC Launch phase list causes GMAT to crash: PatchedConicLaunchConstraint.PhaseList = {Phase_PatchedConicLaunch}
      • (JJR)Final should not be allowed for PC Launch phase location: PatchedConicLaunchConstraint.PhaseList = {Phase_PatchedConicLaunch.Final}
      • (JJR) Phase list not saved for patch conic launch when saving from GUI
      • (JJR) The PhaseList field on an optimal control function appears to function as an Add field. This script
        Create OptimalControlFunction cometArrivalBound;
        cometArrivalBound.Function = CelestialBodyRendezvous;
        cometArrivalBound.Type = AlgebraicConstraint;
        cometArrivalBound.PhaseList = {thrustToCometArrival.Final}
        cometArrivalBound.PhaseList = {thrustToCometArrival.Final}

        throws this error
        CSALT Interface Exception: Exception from the CSALT core library: The number of phase dependencies assigned does not match the number of points in OptimalControlFunction "cometArrivalBound"
        This is because the phaseNames data member on ScriptedOptimalControlFunction is 2 when it should be 1.

      === EMTG interface

      • If nothing is provided to the EmtgInterface field PropulsionSystem, an empty string is used to search for a propulsion system, causing a subscript out of range error in a debug build but not in a release build (found using Windows) - this caused a crash on Mac as well but I think this goes away as this field is not longer settable
      • Investigate re-run issue when using SetSTAGE in EMTG

      Minor Enhancements/Usability

      • Clean up warning messages in CSALT and CSALT interface
      • Add parameters to write out phase time info so users can report data on optimal solutions.
      • Write Optimization summary report to message window and a file.
        Need to add a new Field to Trajectory for this.
      • Add boundary functions to output report, currently only Custom Linkage, Simple Linkage are shown.
      • [P3] The scaling parameters DU, TU, and VU are not canonical. We should consider changing this.
      • Write the constraint report before and after running. This will help users debug their configuration because they can look at constraint violations before optimization occurs to identify script or problem forumulation.
      • Fix path fields to use Gmat path utility so they support absolute and relative path like any other GMAT file input.
        • Limitations for EMTG thrust configuration files
        • Fix path limitations for GmatGuess files
        • Support path for optimal control solution output file
        • Add interfaces for setting smoother time bounds and step size of interpolated data

        Gliffy Diagrams



            gmat_wcs Wendy Shoan added a comment -

            Fixed Trajectory costLower/UpperBound (problem with REAL_MAX after saving script) by setting them to this:

            costLowerBound (-GmatRealConstants::REAL_MAX * 0.99),
            costUpperBound (GmatRealConstants::REAL_MAX * 0.99),

            gmat_wcs Wendy Shoan added a comment - Fixed Trajectory costLower/UpperBound (problem with REAL_MAX after saving script) by setting them to this: costLowerBound (-GmatRealConstants::REAL_MAX * 0.99), costUpperBound (GmatRealConstants::REAL_MAX * 0.99),


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