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Optimal Control Publisher/Subscriber Integration


    • Type: Improvement
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    • Component/s: CSALT
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      Integrate CSALT “publisher” into GMAT so that all GMAT subscribers are supported when using optimal control subsystem. This includes publishing state data during optimization, and managing published data during iteration and final solution (so for example, ephemeris files are only generated for final solution as they are with Target and Optimize commands).

      • Design
        • [SPH] Interface design
        • [WCS] Software design
        • [WCS] Update "How the Publisher Works" document
      • Implementation
        • [WCS] Component implementation
        • [WCS] Integration
          · Integrate state of CSALT (iterating, run complete) into publisher so that publisher can appropriately publish data based on that state. For example, the publisher ONLY publishes data to ephemeris files on final state.
          · Modify Collocate::Publish() method to handle phases that are in different coordinate systems.
          · Add field to Trajectory for publishing frequency during iterations.
          · Add field(s) to Phase for color for graphics.
          · Determine how to notify the publisher when an iteration is done so that it correctly uses pen-up and pen-down and doesn’t connect the last point of one iteration to the first point of the next iteration in plots
        • [WCS] Developer testing
          · Add one of each type of subscriber to the basic test case as sanity check (OpenGL, GroundTrack, EphemerisFile, etc.)
          · Investigate error with renaming GUI objects for CSALT scripts. -> moved to GMT-6763
          · Perform tests for more complicated problems.
      • Testing/Finalization (this will be moved to another ticket)

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