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Some data incorrect before propagation and incorrect data when no ground track 



      User Rainer Diaz de Cerio Goenaga reports:
      "We are using GMAT to simulate the orbits of the nanosatellites of our company, and write some output reports with orbital and attitude data, then we use that files as inputs for a python code where we compute coverage and revisit data. The reports are created before starting the mission sequence, and then they are filled during the mission sequence.

      We have discovered two bugs so far:

      When the first line of the reports are written, as no propagation has been done yet, the value of some data (like the Earth fixed coordinate system) are not located properly, it's only moved to the correct location after the first propagation is done.
      If the mission script is lacking a groundtrackplot, some data evolution (like the Earth fixed coordinate system), is not computed in each timestep, and it stays incorrect and constant. "

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